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The SA State Volunteer Managers’ Network Meeting is a joint initiative of Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc, Northern Volunteer (SA) Inc and Volunteering SA&NT. It facilitates the sharing of useful information and resources, as well as creating networking opportunities. Each meeting is support by the InfoLinks Newsletter, which highlights the latest news, events and resources for Volunteer Managers. 

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SVSA Resources:

Volunteer Managers play an important role in inclusion, and can help make their volunteer programs safe and supportive for all volunteers. This resource will explore how LGBTIQA+ inclusivity can be incorporated at every stage of the volunteer engagement process.

A5 Booklet > 

The aims of this toolkit are to increase youth-friendliness in volunteering, in addition to increasing safe participation and recognition of young people to support causes and organisations.

This A4 info sheet outlines how to write an engaging volunteer position description. By creating clear, detailed and attention-grabbing position descriptions, you can greatly improve the number of volunteer applications you receive.

This booklet explores the process of establishing new social connections, as it relates to volunteer managers welcome and integrating new volunteers. By better understanding how the process of socialisation works, you can help your volunteers feel welcome and like they belong.

A5 Booklet >

This booklet outlines the concept of customised volunteering. This is the practice of adapting a volunteer position to better suit the needs, strengths, abilities and interests of the individual volunteer. This is beneficial not only for volunteers who face barriers to participation, but also as a general strategy to promote greater volunteer retention. 

A5 Booklet >

This A4 factsheet outlines the two types of insurance policies necessary for your organisation to appropriately cover volunteers.

This information sheet will look at when screenings and checks are required, and provide some considerations for reviewing your volunteer’s information.

Hosting events in your local community is a fantastic way to connect with community members, promote your services, and raise your organisation’s profile. Proper risk management and insurance coverage are essential for safe and successful events.

Key Resources:

A comprehensive framework to guide, evaluate and further develop effective volunteer involvement strategies within volunteer involving organisations.

The National Strategy for Volunteering (2023–2033) is a ten-year blueprint for a reimagined future for volunteering in Australia.
It is the first National Strategy for Volunteering in a decade,
providing a strategic framework for enabling safe, supported,
and sustainable volunteering.

The Volunteering Strategy for South Australia aims to improve the experience of volunteers, enhance outcomes for volunteering involving organisations and supports SA to reach a high volunteer participation rate.

This initiative of Volunteering Australia, brings together useful, evidence-based and current best practice resources, tools, research and information to support effective volunteer management.

This guide provides information on how the model work health and safety (WHS) laws apply to organisations that engage volunteers. 

A diverse range of useful and up-to-date resources to ensure best practices in volunteer engagement.

Free Training Resources:

While this training is designed for employers, much of the information is relevant to volunteer managers. It includes useful information, video resources and reflection tools to explore the concepts of diversity and discrimination, as well as evaluate how inclusive your organisation is, and identify areas of potential development.

This series of online modules provides a valuable overview of the Inclusive Service Standards for promoting diversity and inclusion within organisational policies and practices. While it was developed for the aged-care sector, the resource, tools and information are applicable to any organisation. 

Volunteerability’s disability awareness sessions are free and designed for volunteers and/or staff in an organisation that involves volunteers. Co-designed and facilitated by people with disability the sessions will help increase confidence, skills and knowledge to promote inclusion. Sessions can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

This is a comprehensive online resource which walks the user through an in-depth of First Nations peoples’ culture, history, experiences and values. It also provides useful advice as to how to engage with First Nations peoples in a respectful and positive way.

Southern Volunteering also offers a range of fee-for-service training opportunities for both volunteers and staff. To explore our range of available courses click here.

Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion:

Volunteerability is a fantastic online toolkit full of resources, information and training materials to ensure that your organisation’s practices are inclusive and accessible, with a focus on supporting people with disability.

The Barring Djinang Aboriginal Cultural Capability toolkit supports organisations to build their capability to attract, recruit, retain, support and develop Aboriginal staff at all levels.

This information sheet shares tips for engaging with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, and for recruiting and managing volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

This webpage developed by the Department of Human Services provides information about accreditation, training and resources that can assist your organisation to become more LGBTIQA+ inclusive.

Capacity-building and Development:

Available to Australian not-for-profits to increase (or build) digital capabilities, better deliver your services and support your team.

The Hub brings together practical guides, technology discounts specifically for not-for-profits and tailored advice to help your organisation create an even greater impact.

Apply for a free Canva Premium account available for nonprofit organisations. Canva makes graphic-design easy, with access to 1000s of templates, photos, illustrations, and design tools.

A comprehensive summary of all legal documents, requirements and considerations for not-for-profit organisations.

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