Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc welcomes the opportunity of providing your organisation with our New Member Organisation Kit which contains all the information about membership and the application forms.

  • Complete the online Organisation Membership Application Form. If you have any questions, please contact Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc on 08 8326 0020.
  • You will be advised in writing following acceptance by the Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc Board of Management.
  • Centrelink Organisation Approval:
    We can provide Centrelink Approval forms for organisations and individuals. Telephone 08 8326 0020 or email

Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc is committed to its policy of safeguarding volunteer and membership information. Details such as address, phone number and insurance policy numbers are collected for the purposes of ensuring appropriate services are provided to members and remain with Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc

Type of organisation Fee
(GST inc.)
Further information
Not for profit organisation (volunteer led) $20 per year Volunteer led means the organisation on the whole is led by volunteers with no paid staff or less than 1FTE involved in volunteer activities or management.
Not for profit organisation $90 per year
Multi site rate $65 per year
Agency with multiple sites/programs can either;
  • Register each site at the reduced rate thereby enabling full membership benefits to each site.
  • Nominate one site for membership. This option would preclude full membership benefits being available to all other sites/programs and their staff
Government agency $100 per year
Multi site rate $75 per year

To keep Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc updated on vacant or new volunteer positions, please complete the Volunteer Position Registration

Please keep Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc updated on vacant or new volunteer positions or any change of personnel or contact details.