The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is a Federal Government initiative which aims to help establish and strengthen links between people living in an aged care facility and their local community.


The Scheme was developed as one way of enhancing the quality of life of residents by providing one on one friendship and companionship on a regular basis.


There are approximately 170 organisations that coordinate the CVS and in excess of 5,000 volunteer visitors across Australia. Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc coordinates the scheme within facilities in the Southern Adelaide area and is funded for 104 volunteers.


Click Here for access to the South Australian CVS web site.

Community Visitor volunteers are generally people wanting to make a difference to a lonely resident's life and have a passion to support the needs of their community. All Community Visitor volunteers are reliable and caring volunteers, with a genuine empathy and understanding of older people.


The minimum commitment required of a Community Visitor volunteer is to visit a resident for 30 minutes once a fortnight. However, many volunteers visit for longer and more frequently. The time commitment can depend on many factors including the resident's health, and their ability to sustain conversation or company. The day and time volunteers attend the Aged Care Facility is negotiated between the volunteer and the resident.


There are a variety of things that Community Visitor volunteers do when they visit. Many simply sit and chat with the person, others play games or participate in activities and some go for a walk around the Aged Care Facility.

Anyone over the age of 18, interested in providing a friendly visit to a socially isolated aged care facility resident, may apply to be a Community Visitor volunteer.


A mature outlook, good communication and listening skills and the likelihood of sustaining regular contact are highly desirable qualities.


Prospective Community Visitor volunteers will be provided with an information and application pack within five days of the initial enquiry. Upon completion of the application form you will be invited to meet one to one with the Coordinator for an informal interview and induction.


A National Police Clearance and reference checks are a mandatory requirement. To take the next step, you can either apply online at or contact the Community Visitors Scheme Co-ordinator on 08 8326 0020 or email if you would prefer a paper-based application form to be sent out by post.